A New Dimension

Reduce costs. Save Time. Increase Performance.

Spirit’s On-Demand Conferencing Suite of services lets you meet with colleagues, business associates, vendors, prospects, and customers via web, audio or video with a few key or button strokes. Quickly and easily you can collaborate, demonstrate, inform, and teach with one or many anywhere anytime. In real time, you can present and share business proposals, product and organizational announcements, as well as practices and procedures.

Engage your participants and interact with them, and turn your virtual meetings into face-to-face connections. You select the Spirit On-Demand Conferencing solution that best fits your needs - 24x7x365.

Save money, increase efficiency, and go green… Spirit’s On-Demand Conferencing Suite

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Gather people quickly for adhoc meetings or reach out with large broadcasts whenever you’re ready, wherever you are.

Add a visual dimension to conference calls. Engage your participants and encourage more interaction with online presentations.

This personal telepresence solution will help keep your team up-to-date from multiple locations, sharing ideas in real-time, face-to-face.

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