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Our Roots

Our roots in the communication industry go all the way back to 1896, when the oldest of our owner companies was founded. They pioneered the use of touch-tone dialing, direct-dialed long-distance and other innovations throughout the last century.

Our Experience

Spirit was formed in 2002 to bring several modern communication services under one roof. This combined more than 20 years experience in Internet, data and communication services.


Spirit Communications offers innovative business solutions: voice (voice over IP), conferencing (audio, web, video), Internet and data services to a cross section of businesses, government agencies, and healthcare organizations throughout the South East.

Spirit is proud to provide "design-fit" services to our customers over our private and secure Carolina fiber-based network. Our services and network combine with our dedicated customer care staff and technical support team to give you a company you can count on 24/7/365.

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The People at Spirit Communications
The People at Spirit Communications
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